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Adele & Michael bring their beautiful gift to the world through their fictional book based on personal truth— “Searching For Oz” depicts the duo’s differences while showcasing their love. If you want to see the reflection of your inner workings, so you can finally change what is not working in your life, read Dottie and Marvel’s hysterical and transformative book, SEARCHING FOR OZ will help you on your way to creating what ever you want. When Adele wanted real answers and real change, she looked WITHIN. Adele ended up marrying Michael, and now they travel the world finding and creating practical tools for helping individuals find their inner wisdom.

In the stillness of Pennsylvania, Adele & Michael host online coursework, introductory workshops, sell books, ebooks & audios, and conduct transofrmational on-on-one sessions, for you to make REAL personal change, heal from trauma/abuse, expand your awareness, and create the life that you want and deserve. Join Adele & Michael (Dottie and Marvel) as they unapologetically express themselves on their journey “Searching For Oz” novel and workbook. Other books include,“Change Your Mind, Not Your Child”, “The 55 Concepts: A Guide to Conscious Living.”

“As we change ourselves, the whole world changes.”

~Adele and Michael LLC

Adele Saccarelli-Cavallaro & Michael Cavallaro
aka Dottie and Marvel— are two individuals that come from different worlds, maybe even universes… As authors, motivational speakers, and mentors, Adele & Michael provide an exciting opportunity for connection, reflection, healing, and CHANGE!

A powerful duo, Adele, “the Connector,” draws you in with her passion for self-discovery, and then Michael, “the Reflector,” throws you a curve as he reflects for you that which is WITHIN you, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.