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Set Up a Talk w/ Adele

Set Up a Talk w/ Adele

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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this adventure! I am thrilled about sharing my wisdom and experiences with you! I am even more thrilled about how you might use this wisdom to change your life!

WHAT? This introductory talk will give you a taste of how a person can go from struggling to exist TO thriving - From avoiding unresolved memories, triggers, hurts traumas TO being and finding peace within, while turning hurt, pain, and confusion into Self - Love within your consciousness!
WHY? When these Invisible Challenges™ are hidden and unresolved, it simply affects the way you see life. It distorts the truth, which then becomes your own created reality, usually creating an illusion of confusion. Often times, others are unable to see any logic and reason to your behavior. Within this illusion, you may make poor decisions, respond innapropriately, alienate people, which sometimes creates a dysfunctional life. These  Invisible Challengesinterfere & sometimes destroy relationships & careers.
HOW? By learning some new tools & wisdome, that if used, will CHANGE your LIFE!
WHEN? Beginning Today!

Adele Saccarelli - Cavallaro

Author of the novel SEARCHING FOR OZ

Fun, creative, and informative, this book is based on a true story. It's fictional account of a personal journey of self-love & finding love, set on a creative platform, with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz theme, to convey healing information for everyone who has been traumatized.

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