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The Struggle Within

The Struggle Within

Struggling through life only occurs because of your mind. Your mind gets in the way and interferes with the way things are and the natural flow of life. Your mind makes judgments and opinions and forms attitudes and behaviors based upon judgments and personal needs or preferences.

As a human being you have grown up with many false misconceptions about what should be, could be or might be. Due to this, it has created many struggles and strife’s in your life that are not necessary, but have become so common that you believe it is normal and that’s the way it should be. So many people have done the same thing and have the same opinions that this has become an accepted way of life. We should like to suggest to you that this is not at all necessary and it is only due to your old programming and false beliefs about the way life should be.

If you were to listen to your heart, and when we speak of your heart we are saying is your spirit, not your emotional heart or your emotions, because emotions are from the mind. Emotions are based upon belief systems, ideas and attitudes. We would say to you that listening to your heart is listening to your spirit or your divine essence that consciously directs your human life. When you listen to your heart, there is no struggle, there is no strife. There is only evolution and experience. Listening to the heart will always bring you peace, even if your human attitudes or beliefs are not satisfied with the way things are. You must learn how to go beyond your beliefs, your thinking and listen to your spirit, your heart, and your inner feelings. By doing this, there is no more interference by the mind and no more strife. Strife only occurs when the mind blocks the heart from being heard by your human awareness. Becoming a whole person includes becoming attuned to your heart. Your heart always speaks the truth.

A reminder though, it is not your human emotions that are your heart. This is often misunderstood. This is why great disappointment takes place because when your human emotions or belief systems do not get what they want, they then respond with disappointment and sadness. Your human emotions can possibly deceive you from the messages of your heart.

Your human emotions are based and oriented in the mind. Your heart is based in your spirit. The two are not the same. Listen to your heart; follow the guidance of your spirit. You will not have strife. You will not have difficulties. You will be very flexible and be able to change the way that you see life, the way that you experience life and you will be able to change without having negative human emotions, confusion or disappointment. Letting go of your human desires and your beliefs about the way things should be is a major task for most people. It is only difficult because you have become so programmed into believing your mind is the real director of your life. We would say to you that your mind is directed by your spirit, but your human belief systems interfere by neutralizing or changing your human belief systems you can allow your spirit to direct your mind and your perceptions which creates a different experience and allows you to enjoy life more fluidly. Life does not have to be hard.

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