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Discovery – Realize – Wisdom

Discovery – Realize – Wisdom


So change your concept of mistakes and redefine mistakes as discoveries. In the old languaging system mistakes were bad things; they were things you did wrong. They were things that caused problems. Well, let’s take the new languaging system and say that these are discoveries.


You will discover what works. You will discover what doesn’t work. You will discover what’s appropriate. You will discover what’s inappropriate. You will discover how other people understand things from your experiences and discoveries. 


Children make discoveries; they do not make mistakes. They are constantly on the evolution of discovery and realization, discovery and realization, because the realization comes after the discovery.  And after the realization, it becomes a wisdom because it is an experienced thing.


So I have discovered, I have realized and I have become wise.  I discover, I realize and I become wise. There are no mistakes. There is discovery, realization and wisdom. Then, the process begins again, discoveries, realizations and wisdom. Allow yourself to have that process because after you become wise, then you can create. But without discoveries and without realizations, you will not be able to gain your wisdom and a true creator creates out of wisdom.

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